Transfer Pricing

In order to curb the practice of avoiding tax by the foreign companies in India, legislation under the name' Transfer Pricing Regulation' has been introduced in the year 2001 under which each person or association who has involved in an international transaction has to prove that transaction between associated enterprises are at arm's length and should also maintain an up-to-date record of each transaction as prescribed by the legislation.

Recently, provisions of transfer pricing has also been emanated into domestic transactions and new regulations relating to specified domestic transactions has been notified. Now, every assessee who enters into any international transaction or specified domestic transaction has to maintain specified documentation and justify that the transactions are at arm's length.

Keeping in view the aforesaid, we provide following services:
  • Local Documentation Studies (including arranging issuance of Accountants Report) for international and specified domestic transaction entered into by associated enterprises
  • Planning Study (margins reviews for budgeting, new transaction planning)
  • Supply Chain Re-structuring
  • Assistance in representation for Assessments / Appeals
  • Assistance in Drafting Agreements from transfer pricing perspective
  • Structuring Cost Sharing Arrangements for domestic and international inter-company transactions
  • Intangible asset benchmarking and
  • Advisory relating to Advance Pricing Agreement and Safe Harbor Rules.
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